As a part of Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group®, ThriveRx is becoming Optum® Infusion Pharmacy.

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Consumers with ThriveRx, a division of Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group, receive customized Diplomat therapies and access to nutrition experts who provide:

  • Home parenteral and enteral nutrition support
  • Programs designed to help consumers achieve their nutrition goals
  • Education, tools, and guidance to help them thrive

Our Mission

ThriveRx’s mission is to optimize the nutritional well-being of our consumers through a customized approach.

Our home parenteral and enteral nutrition program is driven by our consumers’ needs while maintaining the highest standards in service and clinical management. We offer quality care that fosters independence and empowers consumers and their families.


Customized Care, Unparalleled Service
We customize your support, supplies, and education to your individual needs. Our nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists are certified in nutrition support and intravenous care, ensuring you and your family get the clinical excellence you deserve.

We recognize the impact nutrition support has on your life, and we’re here to help you. ThriveRx offers resources and programs to give you the ability to maximize your health. We don’t just provide nutrition support; we help you thrive on it.


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