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Your Condition Does Not Define You

At ThriveRx, our goal is to provide quality care that fosters independence and empowers you and your family. Nutrition support doesn’t have to hold you back from what matters most to you.

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Customized Care

Every consumer is different. That’s why our team evaluates and matches each consumer’s support, supplies, and education to suit their needs.

Thrive on HPEN

ThriveRx is here to help you and your loved ones at every step in the nutrition support journey, fostering independence with education and advocacy.

You’re not alone in this. ThriveRx’s extensive support network comprises clinicians, nurses, and advocates who are either caregivers or on home parenteral and enteral nutrition (HPEN) themselves. We offer a wealth of resources to help you and your family connect with others on nutrition support, learn more about your therapy, and improve your quality of life on HPEN.

Supplies You Need

No one likes getting things they don’t need or won’t use. ThriveRx feels the same way. That’s why our nutrition liaisons evaluate all consumers for the pump that best suits them and the supplies to help them succeed.

Join Us for the Journey

Become a ThriveRx consumer and access tools, guidance, and support—from us and from other people and families on HPEN. We’re here to help you on the road ahead.

Refer yourself or a loved one to ThriveRx.

Because of ThriveRx, I am able to live the life I want. I am able to work, play with my kids, and travel. I am not just alive—I am living life!


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