Get consumer-tailored nutrition support products — exclusively from ThriveRx.

Truly Thriving is a line of TPN support products designed to make your everyday a little easier — from people who know parenteral and enteral nutritional support. Designed based on consumer feedback, the Truly Thriving line is years in the making. It includes these products exclusively for ThriveRx consumers, with more coming soon:

  • An ergonomic TPN backpack made to fit your lifestyle
  • A portable TPN prep mat that helps you set up infusions safely wherever you are


Why We Created Truly Thriving

For more than a decade, we’ve helped consumers live well with unique nutritional needs. Working alongside consumers through their daily triumphs and struggles, we saw that many nutrition support products weren’t truly helping people thrive. We knew we needed to do something.

ThriveRx experts identified the best products on the market and researched ways to improve them based on what wasn’t working for consumers. We started developing the Truly Thriving product line, extending our tradition of consumer-focused care.

Truly Thriving: Consumer-tailored. Consumer-loved.



The Truly Thriving Backpack

Designed for your nutritional needs, our TPN backpack features:

  • Accessory compatibility: Hang and secure your TPN or hydration bags.
  • Flexible pump pocket: Adjustable drawstrings hold your pump in place — no matter the size. A clear panel provides exterior visibility.
  • Ergonomic support: Lower-back padding — along with adjustable, padded shoulder straps — lets you wear your backpack comfortably all day.
  • Lightweight design: The backpack gives you all the support you need without unnecessary bulk.
  • Versatility: Plenty of pockets — side, interior, and exterior — give you space for all your supplies.
  • Machine-washable fabric: Wash and hang dry for worry-free, all-day wear.
  • Secure tubing: Two grommets keep exit tubing in place. You don’t need to worry about tubes getting caught in the zipper or leaving the backpack open for access. Additional velcro straps provide extra support for tube management.


Our first Truly Thriving backpack is designed to fit older children and adults.

The Truly Thriving TPN Backpack is a medical asset item for qualified Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group patients and must be returned at the end of service. It is not offered as a gift or endorsement.



The Truly Thriving TPN Mat

Prepare supplies safely wherever you are.

Our portable TPN prep mat gives you a safe way to set up infusions wherever you are. It features:

  • Durable, cleanable surface: Designed to stand up to repeated cleanings, the mat is a reliable infusion prep site that protects your tabletops.
  • Portable design: Roll the mat for easy travel.
  • Labeled spaces: A clear layout makes it easy to arrange supplies and safely follow the infusion prep process.

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