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Life on nutrition support comes with unique challenges. Our resources help you address those challenges and improve your experience with nutrition support.

What’s the difference between a Tip and a Tool?

Our Tips to Thrive are short reference sheets to help prepare people on total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and enteral feeds and their caregivers for daily challenges.

Our Toolkits are longer, more comprehensive guides to situations those living on TPN might encounter. These kits include checklists, letter templates, resources, and worksheets to help give people on TPN and enteral feeds and their caregivers the tools necessary to thrive on nutrition support.

We can provide personalized support and resources through our Nutrition Advocate team. Send us a note to request more information or to discuss how ThriveRx can help you and your family thrive on TPN.


Tools to Thrive: Convenient Support for Common Situations

Our information and action plans help you live life to the fullest. ThriveRx’s Tools to Thrive give you useful information and plans that walk you through different situations you might face on nutrition support.

Available toolkits include:

School Tool

Navigating the education system can be stressful without adding the additional challenges of managing TPN or enteral therapies. This toolkit covers the options, rights, and resources available to HPEN-dependent students in grades K–12.

The different components in the toolkit will help you:

  • Document your child’s condition
  • Learn how to secure necessary accommodations
  • Set up an individualized healthcare plan (IHP) and emergency plan
  • Manage how you share protected health information (PHI)
  • Manage your child’s needs
  • Choose the right school setting
  • Understand educational plans

You can request your toolkit or speak with an advocate who can share additional resources here.


Travel Tool

Planes, trains, and automobiles all require additional planning when on TPN. This toolkit gives you tips for all kinds of travel, plus a template for a letter of medical necessity.

The different components include the following:

  • Letter of Necessity — Template for a physician to document your medical need for certain accommodations
  • TSA Cares — Information about accommodations the U.S. Transportation Security Administration offers and how to meet their requirements
  • Cruise Travel — What to consider when taking a cruise while you’re on TPN and enteral feeds
  • International Travel — What to consider when traveling out of the United States while on TPN and enteral feeds
  • Travel Planning Guide — A list of tasks to complete in sequence before taking a plane or car trip on TPN

ThriveRx works closely with your medical team and your medical benefits plan to ensure your nutritional needs are maintained while you travel.

You can request your toolkit or speak with an advocate who can share additional resources here.

Mapping a New Route: HPEN College Toolkit

College presents unique challenges for many families, even without adding TPN and enteral therapies into the mix. This toolkit gives families specific resources to help them prepare for secondary education.

The toolkit includes the following materials for students on TPN and enteral feeds:

  • Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities — Information about ADA and section 504 rights for college students
  • Medical Considerations — Factors to consider when choosing a college
  • Financial Considerations — Public benefits and scholarship opportunities
  • Medical Accommodation Letter — Template for a physician to document the student’s medical disability and accommodations
  • Academic Accommodations — Examples of reasonable academic accommodations  and enteral feeds
  • Housing Accommodations — Examples of reasonable housing accommodations for students
  • Emergency Tips — How to plan for medical emergencies at college
  • Packing Tips — Suggested supplies a student might need

ThriveRx has a network of peers to support both parents and young adults on TPN.

You can request any of the listed materials or speak with an advocate who can share additional resources here.


SHIFT: Transitioning to HPEN Self-Care

As a caregiver, one of the most overwhelming tasks is helping prepare your child to be as independent as possible. The unique challenges associated with life on nutrition support vary based on your child’s diagnosis, cognitive abilities, and physical abilities.

At ThriveRx, we developed a toolkit to help parents determine when their child is ready for increased TPN or enteral feeds self-management, and how to prepare for the transition of responsibilities.

  • What do I do to prepare my child for HPEN self-management?
  • When do I start to give them more responsibility?
  • Can they manage their own HPEN?
  • How do I get them to manage their own HPEN?
  • How do I stop being a helicopter parent?
  • How do I safely let go?

Our clinical dietitians, nurses, and advocates work alongside you as you use these resources to help your child’s journey to self-care.

The SHIFT: Transitioning to HPEN Self-Care Toolkit includes:

  • Driving Change: A Parent’s Guide to Transition — Age-appropriate ideas and resources to help children on HPEN develop the skills, knowledge, and advocacy to manage their own HPEN care
  • Accelerating the Transition: HPEN Skills Checklist — A guide the caregiver, child, and clinical team can use to set goals and monitor progress in achieving HPEN self-management
  • SBS Pediatric Diet Overview — Helps children and young adults with short bowel syndrome understand what specific foods and portions are appropriate for their condition
  • My Special Line — A book designed for early readers with central lines, focusing on how to keep a central line safe, clean, and dry
  • Let’s Learn About Central Lines — A book for middle readers with more detailed information about central-line care

You can request your toolkit or speak with an advocate who can share additional resources here.

Other Available Transition Resources

ThriveRx has additional resources to help people on nutrition support with specific needs. These can be found in our Tips to Thrive section below.


Tips to Thrive

Our Tips to Thrive one-page handouts prepare individuals on nutrition support and their caregivers for challenges that arise every day. A small sampling of these tips includes the following:

  • Pump Comparison Guide — Compares IV pump options to help you choose one that’s right for you
  • Emergency Preparedness Tips — Helps HPEN consumers plan for emergencies
  • Camp Tips — Shares the benefits of the summer camp experience for children on HPEN and helps them plan for their time away from home
  • Caring for Your Central Line — Gives a convenient overview of key tips to remember when caring for a central line
  • Supply Organization Tips — Offers suggestions to help consumers manage the supplies needed for TPN and enteral feeds
  • Empowering Yourself Through Self-Advocacy — Helps HPEN consumers understand the importance of advocating for themselves and how to become a self-advocate
  • Preparing for a Medical Appointment — A step-by-step approach to help consumers make the most of their medical appointments
  • A Nutritional Plan for Gastrointestinal Dysmotility — Helps you understand the proper diet for dysmotility.

Are you looking for resources on travel, education, or transition to self-care? Check out our Toolkits here.

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