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ThriveRx offers many resources to help consumers thrive on nutrition support. ThriveRx consumers can request free copies of materials. Navigate through the available resources by clicking the links below.

Children’s Books: Help Kids Understand

When children have a family member on TPN or are on TPN themselves, they have questions that can be hard to answer. ThriveRx offers age-appropriate books that help you address the basics of nutrition support and central venous catheter care in a loving way. Most importantly, they show that people on TPN live engaging and fulfilling lives.

My Special Line
This “read-to-me” book helps younger children understand the basics of TPN and central venous line care:

  • Treating the line as a part of their body
  • Keeping the line safe, clean, and dry
  • Washing their hands before they handle the line

My Special Line uses rhyme and repetition to make its message memorable.

I have found both books to be useful tools in helping my grandchildren to know what a central line is and why I need it to sustain life.


Let’s Learn About Central Lines
This book is for elementary-aged children (early readers). It helps them understand the basics of TPN and a central venous catheter (CVC):

  • Understanding what a CVC is
  • Learning who might need a CVC
  • Keeping the CVC safe, clean, and dry
  • Taking an active role in caring for their CVC

ThriveRx provides these books at no charge to help people explain CVCs and home parenteral nutrition to their children.

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StrapWrap®: A Free Lifesaving Device

In an emergency, medical professionals need your HPEN information right away. A ThriveRx StrapWrap® gets it to them quickly and safely.

The StrapWrap is a cloth medical alert device that wraps around the straps on backpacks, car seats, purses, and seatbelts. Its bright red color and medical emblem draw the attention of first responders to important medical information concealed inside.

The StrapWrap was invented by a woman whose grandson was diagnosed with hemophilia shortly after birth. She wanted to make sure emergency responders would always have quick access to information about his condition.

ThriveRx offers a free StrapWrap device to anyone on parenteral nutrition support.

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