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Resources to Help You Thrive

ThriveRx is here to help you and your loved ones at every step in the nutrition support journey. We offer education, tools, and guidance to help you thrive on nutrition support.

Truly Thriving

Consumer-Tailored Nutrition Support ProductsTruly Thriving is a line of TPN support products designed to make your everyday a little easier —from people who know parenteral and enteral nutritional support. Designed based on consumer feedback, the Truly Thriving line is years in the making.

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We offer programs to help you understand your therapy, nutrition, and medication options, and central venous catheter care.

Maximize Health is a home intestinal rehabilitation program for people with short bowel syndrome (SBS), Crohn’s disease, intestinal malabsorption, and other gastrointestinal tract anomalies. The Maximize Health program includes one-on-one diet education, medication regimen assessment, and therapy response aimed at maximizing intestinal absorption and reducing intravenous nutrition and fluid needs.

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iThrive is a web-based education program for nutrition support consumers with intestinal failure. The program will help you:

  • Learn how to change your diet to increase intestinal tolerance
  • Know available diagnostic tests
  • Understand medication and treatment options
  • Improve your overall health

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Our consumer webinars, presented by clinicians and advocates, allow attendees to learn and ask about nutrition support from the comfort of their own homes.

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Tips & Tools for Everyday Living

ThriveRx offers convenient tips and toolkits to help you travel, understand options for grade-school children, and handle other common situations nutrition support consumers face.

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A ThriveRx StrapWrap® is a medical alert device that wraps around the straps on backpacks, car seats, purses, and seatbelts. It carries your medical information for quick access in an emergency.

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Children’s Books

ThriveRx offers age-appropriate books to help children understand the basics of nutrition support and central venous catheter care in an engaging, non-threatening way.

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Support Groups & Helpful Links

We offer support groups nationwide to help you connect with other nutrition support consumers and their caregivers.

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You can also read our newsletter, released every other month. Find stories of people thriving on nutrition support, tips for daily living, and more.

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