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ThriveRx’s professional education series covers topics related to gastrointestinal disease and intervention. This series, presented by clinicians experienced in intestinal rehabilitation, focuses on intestinal failure management strategies and the impact on consumers’ quality of life.

Each session is available for 1.0 CCMC and 1.0 RD CE.

We offer in-person programs and online webinars. When you sign up for a webinar, we will add you to our newsletter to receive updates about future webinars. You can also sign up for updates by filling out the form below.

Upcoming Webinar

  • CVC Infections: Locking Them Up
    Upcoming Webinar

    Learn about central line–associated bloodstream infections, as well as lock therapies and other ways to treat and prevent them. This webinar is eligible for 1.0 RD and 1.0 CCMC continuing education credit.



Recorded Webinars

We archive our webinars for nutrition support consumers. Please note, recorded webinars are not available for CE Credit.

  • Home Intestinal Rehabilitation: A Closer Look at ThriveRx’s Maximize Health Outcome Data
    Recorded Webinar

    Speaker: MARIA KARIMBAKAS, RD, CNSC; ThriveRx Clinical Nutritionist

  • Management of Gastroparesis
    Recorded Webinar

    Speaker: Andrew Ukleja, MD, AGAF, CNSP; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Florida Atlantic University Department of Gastroenterology; Digestive Disease Institute, Cleveland Clinic Florida
    Objectives: 1. Provide an overview on clinical diagnosis and diagnostic modalities of gastroparesis. 2. Address nutritional issues in patients with gastroparesis including malnutrition, diet and nutritional interventions. 3. Review medical and surgical options for patients with gastroparesis.

  • Lipid Management Strategies: Lipid Minimization, Omegaven, and SMOF
    Recorded Webinar

    Speaker: Beth A. Carter, MD, Texas Children’s Intestinal Rehabilitation Program
    Objectives: 1. Review the risk factors associated with and progression of intestinal failure–associated liver disease. 2. Discuss IV fat emulsion treatment options and the biochemical, histological, and clinical outcomes.

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